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What’s Best Companies Live?
“A day to recognise those that are and inspire those that want to be.”

This free-to-attend event saw us reveal the 2021 Best Companies to Work For across all of our regional, sector and national lists, as well as host the conversation around the future of the workplace. Throughout the day we presented ‘Special Awards’ to those who have excelled in the areas such as Leadership, Wellbeing, Personal Growth and more.

The day started with a welcome from our host TV and sports presenter Dan Walker, who set the scene for why employee engagement is and will continue to be critically important for organisations to building back better post-pandemic. The day concluded having discussed and celebrated the very best in engagement.

The site is still fully functional and all sessions are available right now to view on demand. Enter your email address above and check out the features and content.

List reveals
Regional Reveals 30mins Who made the regional lists?
Sector Reveals 20mins Who made the sector lists?
National List Reveals 30mins Who made the national lists?
National Winners 15mins Revealing the #1's
Sector Winners 10mins Hear from the #1's
Regional Winners 15mins Hear from the #1's
Insight sessions
The Importance of Leadership 30mins What does it take to lead through a pandemic?
The Importance of Personal Growth 30mins Has personal growth stalled or thrived whilst working from home?
The Importance of Wellbeing 30mins How has wellbeing faired in such a tough time?
The Future of the Workplace 30mins How is the working world likely to change?
Best Improvers 30mins Hear from the people that are striding forward