Join us on Sessions Available on Demand Insight & Celebration with the Best Companies to Work for Best Companies Live Q2 aired on the 20th May and all sessions are fully available to watch on demand right now! Simply enter your email below to access the site and view all content.
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What’s Best Companies Live?
“A day to recognise those that are and inspire those that want to be.”

A free-to-attend event hosting the quarterly live reveal of the Best Companies to Work For on the regional, sectoral and national League Tables, alongside a series of insightful conversations from special guests with topical discussions on ever changing state of play in the workplace.

Our host, TV and sports presenter Dan Walker, sets the scene live from Media City in Manchester, and holds a series of interviews, debates and conversations throughout the day, discussing and celebrating the very best in engagement with world class organisations and speakers.

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League table reveals
Regional Reveals 20mins Who made the regional lists?
Sector Reveals 20mins Who made the sector lists?
National List Reveals 30mins Who made the national lists?
National Stand-outs 15mins Revealing the Stand-outs
Sector Stand-outs 10mins Hear from the Stand-outs
Regional Stand-outs 10mins Hear from the Stand-outs
Q2 Insight Sessions
Welcome and responding to a global crisis 9.30am (45mins) When a global crisis such as the Ukrainian war breaks out, how have organisations lead the way in showing that they care?
Attracting & retaining talent 10.45am (30mins) With a challenging recruitment market, how can organisations combat the difficulties of both attracting and keeping hold of the right people?
Leading with purpose 12.00pm (30mins) How important to engaging employees is knowing that what they do each day makes a difference to the world we live in?
The new wellbeing 12.30pm (30mins) As wellbeing becomes firmly embedded in the culture of organisations looking to successfully engage with their people, what are the key areas to focus on?
Future of the world of work 1.30pm (30mins) With where, and how, we work the key point of discussion for organisations up and down the country, just how do you strike a balance that works for people as well as business?
Other on-demand insight sessions available now
The climate crisis 45mins How are highly engaged organisations playing their part in turning around the current climate crisis and protecting the planet?
Leadership in a changing world 30mins What does it take to successfully lead through times of transformative change?
Attracting and retaining talent 30mins In the midst of the great re-shuffle, how are you managing and attracting talent?
Managing the impact of fatigue 30mins How can we best support employees after the challenges of the last two years?
Flexibility that works for everyone 30mins How are changing working patterns affecting the world of work?